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The Nick Milk

Why milk?

The nick is an obscure reference to the dark 'n' cheesy sci-fi Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories. In the ep Super Nova there's a scene where the divine predecesors try to tempt the cannibal Giggerota into helping them steal the Lexx by offering her the coordinates of the planet Dexter 9, the secret planet of the milk-fed boys. Hey, I did say it was obscure.

The history of my handle

I started using the nick 'Milk-Boy' around 2000 #lexx IRC channel on FEFnet where I'm off and on a regular. After a while I morphed to 'milk-boy', both for uniformity and time saving reasons, then a couple of years later I became shorter and just 'milk'.

If the nick milk was ever taken on a forum or site, I'd register under 'miruku' (which is Japanese for milk; I was rather interested of the Japanese language and culture then). I used miruku for my username when I first signed up for LiveJournal in 2001, but I moved to mirukux in 2002 for a fresh start.

Because I had different nicks on different sites, I used 'milk/miruku' when gaming so people could easily identify me. When I started getting into wiki's I started using the nick MilkMiruku (see CamelCase?). I also decided to go with this for my domain, These days I'll use milk or milkmiruku.

Other milks

A quick random list of others I've found who also use the nickname 'milk' or 'miruku' in some form:

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