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n.b. this is ooooold but left now so i can laugh at it in years to come

adam and joe show, amiga power, androgyny, anime, anti fascism, anti moral nihilism, anti moral relativism, atheism, audio engineering, baileys, beta testing, black, buddhism, chris morris, clint bajakian, cognition, computers, contentment, creativity, cyber style, cybergoth style, cyberpunk, darkwave style, determinism, electronic music, enlightenment, epicurus, equality, ethics, existentialism, experimental music, feature suggestion, future technology, gender is redundant, glowsticks, google, goth style, half-life, iain m. banks, improvement, independence, infest, intersubjective morality, irc, jabber, jajc, japanese, lib dems, liberal centrism, liberal democrats, liberty, litestep, logic, lossless compression, love, lycra, making music, meat, minimal, modern architectural style, modernism, modernist architecture, modernist style, modular, morality, music, new liberalism, nondualism, nongenderism, nothingness, ontology, owls, pastiche, philosophy, photo manipulation, political philosophy, postmodern architectural style, postmodern art, practicality, private eye, quake trilogy, radical feminism as nongenderism, rational, realism games, rejection of social identity, revisionist liberalism, scanlinez, sci-fi, self-realisation, sid station, slashdot, style, style is substance, suits, synths, taoism, the third sex, transgenderism, transhumanism, unified style vision, uniforms, uv, war, warm breezes, whitby, will to power, xmpp, yorkshire pudding

anti moral nihilism:

i am not keen on the stance of moral nihilism. by their own definition, no moral nihilist can hold a valid argument as to why their own life has any value, or why someone shouldn’t just do away with them on a violent whim. although that there may be no 'definitive' objective moral rules available in reality, that does not deny the validity of an intersubjectivty founded morality, one based on the common characteristics of the human condition, a universalization of rules in some form of social contract (from common courtesies, to laws and regulations).

clint bajakian:

a musician and composer, formerly of lucas arts, co-founder of audio gang. he has created memorable game soundtracks such as the music from monkey island 2, and my all time favourite, the music from the cowboy fps outlaws. an interesting interview with the man can be found here.

cybergoth style:

to me, the cybergoth style is the visual front of the cybergoth sub-cultural ethos that has merged together such influences such as the gothic, the industrialesq and the futurist. aspects that cybergoth attire generally tends to incorporate include the following; hair being anything but natural looking, boots and shoes being of a big or chunky styling, girls tending to wear tight tops or corsets, boys tending to wear mesh or pvc tops, both possibly using make-up, and with most attire tending to be black with a small area of a bright or neon colour. additionally, some cybergoths prefer a bit more colour in their clothing, some like accessories such as goggles, some adorn furry coats, some shave off then drawn on eyebrows. i have tried to find some pictorial references, and although there doesn't seem to be many online, i have managed to gather together a few relevant photographs;

darkwave style:

by darkwave, i mean kind of a mix of (proper, not 'ironic') gothic romanticism with a big splash of predominantly black clad, dandyish cybergoth. i by far prefer what i hold to be 'darkwave style' over the more general goth or cybergoth looks; it much more fits in with my personal modernistic romantic notions. note; i can't actually remember where i heard the tern 'darkwave style' so it might be a figment of my imagination. people i regard as being kind of close to darkwave include <lj user="svart"> (albeit slightly more on the goth side) and <lj user="glitchdrei"> (albeit more on the cybergoth side).

feature suggestion:

i like to suggest features for software. current projects i'm helping with include si.mail, jajc, skabber, blogim and ns:co.

gender is redundant:

i can not conceive of how the masculine/feminine gender dichotomy has come to be held as valid in society today. neither of the two paradigms can even be defined objectively because they vary so much between different cultures. gender is the legacy of sexism; if individuals are brought up in an environment where one sex is expected to act one way, and the other another way, then those individuals will be unconsciously moulded to conform with that cultural facet of their society. obviously, if there are any active exceptions that arise that run contrary to this 'truth', then the theory behind sexism must be invalid. unfortunately, the conservative establishment has created something to play down possible contradictions; the concept of "gender identity disorder". if a man is not exactly a masculine man, but shows rather more femininity than masculinity, then they must have been born with the wrong 'gender mindset'! no, of course it’s not possible that the concept of gender is farcical, and that masculinity and femininity, and the appreciation of the male or female form, are traits of individuality rather than of some form of codex! oh, no..

intersubjective morality:

see anti moral nihilism.


stands for 'just another jabber client', my jabber client of choice. it has a neat, simplistic interface, yet incorporates most of the major (and many minor) available jabber features.

liberal centrism:

i am liberal in the sense that i believe in having large civil liberties, i.e., individuals should be able to do what they want to themselves, that the democratic process should be transparent and refined, and that individuals should be protected from both intentional/callous physical and mental violence by others. i am left in the sense that i believe there should be a form of welfare state to give every individual an equal opportunity in life, and i am right in the sense that i believe in smaller, more distributed and economic means of nation governance.

modern architectural style:

at its most basic, modernism is the aesthetic concept that only the practical can be beautiful. different forms of modern architecture i enjoy include; early modernism, futurism, minimalism, and some brutalism.

new liberalism:

see liberal centrism; in my opinion, the stances are quite closely related.


see 'radical feminism as nongenderism'. i'm not sure if i have dreamed up this specific term or not.

postmodern architectural style:

i really like the concept of postmodern architecture. technically postmodern architecture is not based on a true postmodern ethos; its more like working with postmodernism on top of a framework of modernism, as in the fact that the basic structure of a building has to be practical to those suffering the human condition. after that, it can be whatever the architect wants. for me, postmodern architecture is differentiated from neo-eclectic architecture by the fact that is eclectic because of the architect's varied and interweaving romantic predications, rather than just being a mish-mash of various 'convenient' styles.

radical feminism as nongenderism:

being an existentialist, i automatically qualify as a radical feminist. i believe in the stance that there is no difference between the faculty of free will power over the influences of nature/nurture between the sexes, and thus that there shouldn't be any legal or social double standards between men and women.

realism games:

these are first person shooters that feature a more realistic form of gameplay than, say, basic quake 3 or unreal tournament. my game (modification actually) of choice at the moment is <a href="">navy seals: covert operations</a>, although i am watching the emerging realism scene closely..

rejection of social identity:

i try to reject the invalid cultural 'paradigms' society seems intent into pressuring people to take up, from the mainstream to the alternative. i will not be a ned, nor will i be a goth, either to be popular, or just to fit in.

revisionist liberalism:

another term for new liberalism.

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