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Gary Numan Vs John Foxx

After a time, one begins to notice similarities between the synthpopsters Gary Numan and John Foxx. Some say that Mr Numan plagiarized Mr. Foxx, but from what I can see its more just two different takes on the same stark futuristic concept.

For example, both Numan and Foxx started out with a fixation on glowing geometrical objects. As we can see below, Gary has his glowing red pyramid but John only has a glowing red square. My theory is that they both had an interest in futurist origami but Mr Foxx, try as he might, just didn't have the knack. See how pissed off he looks?

Then John had his two glowing tubes, but rather coincidently, Gary had his own set too. Note that Gary looks a bit freaked, but John seems to be pwning those tubes.

Next John has a big, big glowing rectangle but Gary had a whole glowing floor. Ha! Beat that Foxxy!

Departing from the geometrical shapes, they both then went onto a stint of wandering around in duffel coats, John taking in the sights around London, while Gary wore a similar look in his new profession as an assassin. Looking very inconspicuous there, eh Gary?

Back in the office now where Gary props up an interesting looking wall while John just stares. They both seem to be pondering some unknown problem, but don't worry lads, those trousers ain't gonna to fall down any time soon.

P.S. Another connection between the two can be found in their experience with cars. In Gary’s 'Down In The Park' he sings "I was in a car crash/Or was it the war?/Well, I've never been quite the same/Little white lies like 'I was there'", then a few months later he released his chat topping hit Cars which puts out a much more safety orientated view of automobiles. John Foxx did actually have a real life run in with death in a car crash and wrote two whole songs about the experience -- No-one's Driving and Burning Car.

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